Bodhi by Kotomori

The Bodhi tree reflects the moment of enlightenment.  Create your own "a-ha" moment with our Bodhi collection.  

Amos tailored the Bodhi casual aloha shirt collection like the classic standard long sleeve business shirt.  The first aloha shirts were adapted from the standard white business shirt that the business men wore when they first arrived in the islands.  Our island weather fashioned the first aloha shirts for comfort, the sleeves were cut short and the bottoms straight across.  The Bodhi shirt transitioned beyond our islands when a New York fashion editorial styled it with a solid tie and linen jacket.  The collection is made in traditional aloha shirt fit featuring indigo-dyed shirts with the look of batik in 100% Linen and 100% Cotton fabrics.  All shirts are single needle tailored with matched front panels and pockets.